90 Miles From Tyranny : Rah! Rah! Hey, Where Did Our Ratings Go?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rah! Rah! Hey, Where Did Our Ratings Go?

According to Tuesday’s scoreboard from TVNewser, in the month of August thus far Fox News Channel has once again come out on top as most watched news channel, surpassing more left-leaning networks CNN, and MSNBC.

However, in a more unusual showing, this month CNN fell short of MSNBC, as well. “MSNBC finished No. 6 in primetime and No. 8 in total day, while CNN finished No. 9 in primetime and No. 10 in total day,” reported TheWrap.com. “MSNBC’s second-place finish is notable, as CNN won the primetime demo for the entire month of July. Last week, MSNBC averaged 1.22 million primetime viewers compared to 986,000 for CNN.”

Western Journalism reported earlier this month that although CNN had high ratings during their coverage of the Democratic National Convention, the network did not enjoy a post-convention bump.

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