90 Miles From Tyranny : A Trump Surge Is Happening NOW, And The Media Knows It…

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Trump Surge Is Happening NOW, And The Media Knows It…

Did you know that since March, Donald Trump has all but eliminated what was once an 18-point lead over him by Hillary Clinton? Has the Mainstream Media reported that fact?

Nope – but you can bet these same media figures DO know about the Trump surge that is now underway, and continue to hide that truth from the American public.

Check this out, as reported by Sharyl Attkisson:

“In March of 2016, when likely voters were asked to choose between Clinton and Trump “if the election were held today,” Clinton bested Trump 54%-36% (18 percentage points).

In June, with Libertarian Gary Johnson thrown into the mix, Clinton’s lead over Trump was 5 percentage points smaller: 48% to 35% (13 percentage points).

In the most recent poll, the spread between Clinton and Trump in a two-person race was down to just 3 percentage points, Clinton at 45% and Trump at 42%. That’s within the margin of error. When...

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