Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Watch Florida Rep. Joe Garcia Pick His Ear Wax And Try To Act Like He Is Not Eating It...

He Is An Election Fraudster.
Why Is he Not In Jail?
Plenty Of Earwax To Eat In Jail.

Garcia’s announcement for Florida’s 26th Congressional District prompted swift criticism from Republicans and some Democrats who said the fraud case that played into his election loss two years ago will haunt his effort.

“District 26 has rid itself of its shady past. Why anyone would vote to bring back the embarrassing past is beyond me,” said Enrique “Rick” Yabor, a political commentator and Republican resident of the district who raised a ruckus about Garcia’s potential involvement in the scam that ultimately led to the federal indictment of the then-congressman’s former top adviser and chief of staff.

That staffer, Jeffrey Garcia (no known relation), masterminded a scheme to divert campaign money to a phony tea party candidate so he could siphon votes from a Republican rival. Joe Garcia denied any knowledge or involvement, but the FBI dug up an email indicating he might have been informed of the scheme.

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