90 Miles From Tyranny : Unprotected Power Grids: A Ticking Time Bomb...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Unprotected Power Grids: A Ticking Time Bomb...

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  1. He left out the part about zombies rising from the grave and one bite will turn you into a zombie too. There are tons of doomsday scenarios, most of them have already been a plot on either a Tom Clancy novel or in the series "24". Why hasn't ISIS or Alqaida or Iran, or North Korea, or the USSR, or Mossad already done this if it is so easy? Answer: it's not that easy. The power system is incredibly redundant, resilient and has stockpiles of essential equipment to rebuild damaged sections. Use the evidence of your own eyes. The USA rebuilds hurricane and tornado damage several times a year. and gets stuff up and running in most cases in a few days.

    If I were President of a country where that happened, The entire Islamic world would get nuclear carpet bombed.


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