Tuesday, August 8, 2017


You had to know that it was only a matter of time after Arizona Senator John McCain announced that he would be pushing for immigration reform when he makes his triumphant return to Washington next month.

McCain is as close to a shadow president as there has ever been and now that he has brain cancer, an already love-struck media is treating him as though he can walk on water and heal lepers.

After McCain saved Obamacare and saddled struggling Americans with crushing premium increases, all of the Never Trumpers from the GOP primaries have begun to slither out from under the rocks that they had been hiding under to take on the POTUS.

Now, lo and behold, there has been a Marco Rubio sighting.

The dashing young Cubano who had once been anointed as the savior of the Republican party has been largely missing after getting humiliated by then candidate Trump who beat him like a dog in his home state of Florida but now the coast is clear for all of the cowards to take their shots and Rubio is one of them.

The Miami motor mouth is drawing a line in the sand that the immigration bill backed by Trump will...
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  1. To the surprise of no one. Little Marco is still smarting from last year.

    McCain is as close to a shadow president as there has ever been

    Hardly, he's just being the new Arlen Specter. And will be as quickly forgotten when he goes.