Sunday, August 6, 2017

Open Borders, Never-Trumper, Traitor Jeff Flake Is Suffering In The Polls...

This scumbag is also one of the immigration gang of eight that includes him, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham and Crybaby Chucky Schumer...

Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake’s approval rating is at a drastically low number in his home state after he has continued to bash President Donald Trump according to a new Democratic Poll.

The left leaning polling group, Public Policy Polling (PPP) found only 18 percent approve of the job Flake is doing. Meanwhile 62 percent disapprove and 19 percent are not sure how they feel about him. These numbers come after Flake has continued to criticize Trump throughout his presidency and refused to endorse him during the 2016 presidential campaign.

If the 2018 mid-term election were held today, just 31 percent of respondents said they would support Flake’s re-election bid, compared to...Read More HERE

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