90 Miles From Tyranny : China wants Obama to ban all firearms.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

China wants Obama to ban all firearms.

The Communist Party of China demands the U.S. should disarm. According to Chinese officials, the recent school massacre gave all to understand that one should not wait any longer. The country's leaders believe that the brutality of the Connecticut shooter will ensure the widest public support for arms reduction, Infowars.com reports with reference to China's news agency Xinhua.
Xinhua is, in fact, the press service of the current government of China. This organization is responsible for "the work of the State Council and for the reports of the Party on Chinese propaganda and public information services." In other words, Xinhua is a mouthpiece of Chinese leaders.
Thus, the Chinese government calls Obama "to use the tragedy as a reason to promote the law on the control of weapons." According to Chinese officials, now is the best time to act so, since the president has just been elected for a second term.
They also note that although previous similar shootings did not to any serious actions, the most recent tragedy may serve an important impetus to revise the system of arms control."
According to US-based activist and FBI informant Brandon Darby, "the current Chinese government killed from 40 to 70 million people during Mao Zedong's Revolution. Mao himself said that "political power starts in the barrel of a gun."
China and Obama want to remove political power from the American people and subjugate them to the will of Socialists, Communists and Marxists.


  1. China has been unusually vocal in bashing the 2nd amendment. I suspect they will be the foreign troops used to "restore order" and confiscate weapons. They just bought AIG, AMC, several other corporations and own 5 trillion of US Debt which gives them an interest in helping the US government suppress rebellion

  2. The world is really upside down, isn't it?

  3. Well, I always went with the theory that what a Communist country wants for American citizens is of the same value as tits on a boar hog.


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