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Friday, December 28, 2012

We Are The Clarion Call

We are the Clarion Call, We are the New Media!

The old media is dying a slow but steady death.  Who will fill the void?  The time is now to win the hearts and minds of the disenchanted left, the low information citizenry, the undecided, the wavering, the disenfranchised, the unemployed, the discouraged and the future generations.  But how? 

The old days of left wing media hegemony are waning as the new media becomes the dominant force.  There is now true competition for news, ideas and solutions.  We must win and dominate the competition with free market ideas and superior content.  The competition for ideas must be waged on several fronts.  We need content creators, film makers and free market artists to disseminate the message in a context that is appealing to the at risk population.  The right has spent millions of dollars on failed elections, we need to start by injecting free market ideas into the culture, we need to educate the population that left wing politics is failed ideology.  The money needs to start going to funding blogs, free market artists and movie projects.  I'm sick of seeing a picture of a Republican president over the desk of every bad guy in nearly every movie ever made.  Bad guys should always have Democrat presidents hanging over their desks and the message should always be that the left and left wing ideas are bad.  The most common bad guy in movies today is an American right wing politician.  It is amazing to me that the easiest bad guys are never used, like communist governments and Islamic terrorism. The leftist mantra of evil right wing must be supplanted with the truth, that is is the left that is the problem in America and the world.  Let us begin this process.

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