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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lies and Damn Liars on Current TV

So Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks over on the unwatched and approaching bankruptcy Current TV (sexual predator Al Gore's Channel), after citing a litany of gun violence statistics says this: "Obviously the common denominator is guns", and then proceeds to show this chart:
with a title "AMERICA IS A VIOLENT COUNTRY" on the top of it.  Now there is a big problem with this chart, it does not seperate assault deaths from guns from all other assault deaths.  HE MAKES THE POINT THAT THERE IS ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR THEN SHOWS A CHART THAT CONTAINS NO GUN DATA.  This is misleading at best, just plain bad journalism and intentional deception at worst.

Now lets look at another chart from The UN affiliated European Institute for Crime Prevention: It reports ALL assaults.  It appears that America is below the mean for OECD countries.  According to this, America is not as violent as The Young Turk, Cerk Uygar would have you believe.

Later in the show after quoting such intellectual luminaries as Michael Moore of "make up lies and call it a documentary" and several diatribes about how America should violate constitutional law, they consult Rebeca Peters who likens gun ownership to a disease and is never seen without a ban handguns button. Ms. Peters is currently with IANSA a UN affiliated anti-gun organization and served as the chair for the Australian National Coalition for Gun Control in 1996 when the Australian gun ban went into effect. Ms. Peters stated that they passed the law and gun deaths declined by half. This is patently false. Take a quick look at the chart below, most gun deaths are the result of suicide, the chart below shows that gun suicides continued on the same downward slope it was already on, and non-gun suicides increased dramatically. You do not need a gun to commit suicide, and the gun did not talk someone into committing suicide.

The Below research paper finds that there was no decrease in Gun Deaths due to the 1996 Australian law that all progressive media outlets appear to be referencing.  There was no change in Gun Deaths, I repeat, the Australian law had no effect other than to limit lawful citizens to own guns.
The U.S. constitution allows for the citizenry to be well armed in order to prevent governmental tyranny.  It is the tyrannical government that wishes to disarm its populace.
If America were to lock up its criminals, prevent violent illegal immigrants from entering its shores and mandate arming its schools, the violence would stop.  Mass shooters are cowards and commit suicide or give up when confronted with force.
The sanctity of life in the U.S. is as strong as in any country.  We Americans cherish our children and define our lives around their interests.  It is these interests that we must defend our rights for.

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