90 Miles From Tyranny : The Cure to America's Obesity Problem: Unionized Government Farms.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Cure to America's Obesity Problem: Unionized Government Farms.

It is time that America gets serious about the Obesity problem and socializes all farms, unionizes the employees and begins to thin the American population.

New Farming technique to reduce the over-abundance
America is facing an obesity epidemic of epic proportions.  Obesity is a severe health problem that leads to Heart Disease, Diabetes and many more debilitating problems and conditions. Fortunately there is an answer that will solve this problem within 5 years: Unionized Government Farms.

A New Government Farm to solve Obesity.

Americas private farm system has created the problem of an over-abundance of food.  Mountains of food are produced, way more than Americans can ever eat, unfortunately too many of us die trying.  What is the cost to the valiant Americans that try to solve the over abundance of food that the private farm system is creating?  Obesity. 

Benefits of a Unionized Government Farm System:
  1.  Obesity Cured - the over abundance of food problem will be solved.
  2.  Increased Employment - Farms will need more specialized union employees, for instance:         reaping and sowing will now need two employees instead of one.
  3.  Less TV Time - Couch Potatoes beware! Your couch time will now be filled with healthier waiting in line time for the weekly food allotment.
  4.  Government and Union quality - Government IS the solution to all our problems, the innovation and forward thinking of Government Bureaucrats help to improve the quality of your life.  You are welcome.
  5.  Proper Farm Management - Smaller crops and smaller yields will make Americans thin again and compliant to the Government Food Givers.  People guilty of thoughtcrime will simply be allotted smaller portions.  Thought burns calories, disallowing the deviant mind calories stimulates the conformity of obeyance.

Next Article:  How Unionized Government Farms will solve the Squirrel Population Problem.

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