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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Changing the Voting Paradigm - The Participatory Voting System.

The current system of voting in America is broken. In the United States, the hard working, tax paying members of society are now the minority and I would call them serfs, but serfs have a way out of their predicament, serfs (in theory) become the owners of the land they work on, in the U.S. there is no way out, taxpayers have become the permanent minority. The taxpayer is now in a state of servitude. Servitude is defined as a condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one's course of action or way of life. Implied in this definition is that one cannot enjoy the fruits of their own labor. The government has a right and a duty to tax the population in order to defend it and build infrastructure. When the government uses taxes to engage in the theft of income redistribution, they have gone beyond their jurisdiction and they begin to hold citizens in involuntary servitude.

We as a nation have crossed a critical Rubicon, the non-taxpayers, the people receiving government benefits have become the majority. A majority which can now control the direction and future of this country, a future where they, the takers can vote to increase the benefits and income that they receive, a future where they can redistribute income to themselves with no requirement of personal responsibility, work or positive contribution to society. This is a future where the dignified, hard working taxpayer now becomes part of the new underclass, a class in the state of permanent servitude.

In order to solve this unsustainable condition that we find ourselves in, I propose a new system of voting that will solve this problem. I call it The Participatory Voting System. The participatory voting system insures that all voters have the right to vote as long as they are contributing or participating in their fair share.

Here are the rules:

1. In order to vote, you must be a net contributor, that is you must pay more in taxes than you take from government transfer payments.
2. You must have two consecutive years of being a net contributor before you can vote.
3. Your Social Security number must be used to vote along with a valid state issued picture ID.
4. All votes must be checked against a national voting database to prevent duplication or voter fraud.
5. Your Social Security number and picture ID will confirm that you are a U.S. citizen and a net contributor.
6. Voting districts will be computer generated based on current data of net contributors, improving representation of net contributors.

So let's say a millionaire lawyers his way to paying no taxes for a year. He paid no taxes, he receives no government benefits, his contributor score is zero, he is not a net contributor, he cannot vote for another two years minimum.

Moving to the Participatory Voting System will insure that we vote in politicians that will be accountable to the taxpayer. Politicians who will understand that keeping government small and taxes low are the only things that will insure his or her re-election. 

In this new voting system, the people who contribute to society will finally be able to decide how society works.


Southern Right Cross . said...

Try reading "The Third Vote " by Neville Shute !!!!

Phssthpok said...

Are you going to tattoo everyone's State Slave Number on their inner forearm too?

Mike Miles said...

No that would be the socialists, which I suspect you are a member of. I know individual responsibility can be intimidating to collectivists, but give it a shot, it would require a little work however...

Phssthpok said...

Interesting that you would (incorrectly) think me to be a socialist, when it is your own proposal to force everyone to have a SOCIAL security number and state issued photo ID (see also: cattle brands/ear tags) in order to be a 'citizen' (something that currently is not required by law, despite what the .gov functionaries may tell you). You proposal makes people serfs to .gov directly instead of to their neighbors via .gov proxie. How is this better?


Mike Miles said...

Today you are issued a Social Security number when you are born. Here in Florida, you must show your Drivers license to vote. How would you propose to make sure that voter fraud does not occur? How would you insure that one person had one vote?

Phssthpok said...

Today, your parents are given a stack of paperwork to fill out when you are born. Within this stack is an APPLICATION for a SSN. There is no law REQUIRING this form be filled out. The SSA will not issue a number without an application.

Here in Florida, there is no law REQUIRING a person to obtain/maintain a 'drivers license' or any other form of 'state issued photo ID'. How can there be a lawful requirement to present something you are not lawfully required to even obtain/posses in order to exercise a constitutional right? (the answer is, there cannot, but they get away with it because the only way to fight it is by going to the courts which are part and parcel of 'the state' that seeks to control you with such 'laws'. That's like getting abused by a bully and going to his toady to complain.)

As for solutions...I don't know. It seems Iraq may have been on to something with the 'purple-ink-finger-dip' thing. If the ink is indelible enough to last a week or so, that would be a way to verify that a person votes only once. All I know is when you put out a house fire, you don't set another one ablaze to replace it.

Mike Miles said...

I would love to stand behind you in line when you argue this with a poll worker in Florida, I am sure they will understand the logic of your argument and allow you to vote. They check my ID, they look it up in a book, ask me my address and check me off. Yeah, I am sure they'll let you vote.
I suppose as long as an illegal alien had a thumb, they would be able to vote also? How about if the Dems just needed a few more thousand votes in Florida, they could just bus Georgians down and vote with their pristine thumbs also. But the Dems would never do anything like that right?

You sound like one of those guys who don't pay their taxes. Ask Wesley Snipes how that worked out for him. These are nice theoretical arguments, but they are not practical arguments.

We need to make the Government small and afraid. I will work towards that.