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Friday, January 4, 2013

Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery...

I originally saw this video at The Daily Time Waster, it inspired me to buy my own bow, and I have to say, I am loving it.  To draw the string back and let the arrow fly is an amazing feeling.  It is very visceral to feel the bow pull the arrow and the arrow leap with great zeal and authority towards its target.  It is a very gratifying and exciting feeling.  In my teens I read the Gor Novels by John Norman, and it may have been Bosk of Gor, where Bosk used a long bow to atttack ships on a river, the bow was so strong that it passed through the victim and it totally spooked the crew because they did not know how people were getting killed.  Anyways, this scene was very exciting to me and stuck in my head to this day.  If you have not tried archery, give it a shot, it is well worth it.

Here is my bow:

Hat Tip:  http://dailytimewaster.blogspot.com/search?q=archery


Anonymous said...

Archery is hard wired into us at the genetic level. Even the most pasty-faced pacifist will embrace the bow if given the chance to shoot. It is a healthy and wholesome activity and you will probably find that you will outgrow that bow in fairly short order.


Mike Miles said...

I suspect you are correct sir!

hiswiserangel said...

I took archery in college and loved it, takes a very calm and steady demeanor, very zen. Which means I sucked royally at it. But it was fun.
I have a cousin-in-law who's a big game bow hunter, and he is amazing to watch.