90 Miles From Tyranny : The 80 Percent AR-15 Lower Receiver Raw

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The 80 Percent AR-15 Lower Receiver Raw

80 Percent AR-15 Anodized Lower Receiver

Has Anybody ever ordered and made their own 80% receiver?  I am seriously considering this from this website:

How the hell is this Legal?
Well its simple really. You are building the weapon yourself for your own personal use. This is legal under the Gun Control Act of 1968. This is on the ATF’s website under their FAQ page. You can see it here:http://www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/firearms-technology.html

We are not lawyers always do your own research!

Can I Build one as a gift to my wife or other family member?

No, If you build one and then give it to another person you are distributing it… This would be illegal.

Do I need to put serial numbers on the firearm that I make?

A licensed Manufacturer has an agreement with the government to put serial numbers on the weapons they make. You as a private individual who is making a firearm for personal use and not for sale of distribution have no agreement with the government to serialize your firearm.

It is a good idea to mark your weapon somehow so that should it ever be stolen you have a way to identify it and report its loss to your local law enforcement.

Please check your local and state law.


  1. A quick note on your post. As far as I know, if you build a gun and decide you do not like it, you can sell it. You may give it away as well. Here, the intent is the point. It is when you build several weapons, and sell them, that you are breaking the law. About the 80% AR lower. Unless you are very talented, this is one of the most difficult receivers to complete. Do an inventory of your equipment and skills before you buy. You will not be completing this receiver with a dremel tool and a file.

    1. Ahhh, thanks for the advice, in their video they talked about going to Harbor Freight and picking up an $80 drill press, but I guess it's more involved than that, we should have 80% parties, where we all finish our own and get guidance from those who have....

    2. Mike I did it with a end mill out of my harbor freight set in a $69 harbor freight drill press, just have speed all the way up on that press (3700 rpm) go slow and use lubricant and air hose so you don't have to flood out removed metal with lube you can blow it out. Go to utube search for user user name: usmcdoc14 (if thats not it just search usmcdoc even if there is more then 1 you'll see the guy with 80% lower vids). Just take your time and you will be locked n loaded before you no it. Spend a sunday doing it, it's worth the time. Do it in protest to the gun grabbers who don't realize you can't un-invent something, and a motivated man with even limited tools can make the beginnings of a resistance to tyranny. Also there are many quality polymer lowers that are much easier to take from 80-100% including EPLowers that have the polymer you need to remove in a different color then black polymer you see so you know exactly what to take, plus the polymers are a lot cheaper 35-70 bucks plus 15 dollar jig.
      Go for it isn't to hard I did polymer first just so I had a workin AR then I did the billet 80 and put my parts on that now I am a acog away from finishing second AR (fires but no scope, have flip up iron sights). After you do the billet and figure it out you can have party with buddies and they can use your drill press and get your help have them kick you a few bucks for the wear and tear on your end mills and bring beer (Your machining only 1 or 2 for the each of ya!) and more importantly some small tortillas, carne asada, cilantro and onion and tamato, TACO's! and share your knowledge be a patriot. But being a patriot with a soft taco is even better.

  2. For guidance, I will recommend the " build it yourself " forum on AR-15.com . All the information you need can be found searching through those posts. The most difficult work has been done on the 80% receiver you selected. It may be possible to finish this with less than a milling machine but I'd use one. Remember, this current kerfluffel will be over by fall. The AR-15 will not be banned. At most there will be some modifications to the instant check system. I've seen the finished receivers for as low as $69.95. ( OK, that was many years ago ) but adjusted for inflation, they will be back there in a year. About those build parties, if there isn't one on AR-15.com, look at weaponeer.net and see if one isn't in your area. If you are just getting into gunsmithing, weaponeer will boggle your mind. Lots of interesting projects going on there. Good luck Mike and enjoy your project.

  3. Check out www.fealtyarms.com theyre selling 80% lower receivers for $65

    1. Fealty Arms are scam artists who have never delivered their crowd-funded orders from Rockethub. They're CROOKS!

    2. Don't buy anything from them! They scammed a bunch of crowd-funders on Rockethub. They're CROOKS!

  4. Tutorial here:

    Tools needed to complete an 80% Lower Receiver, using a drill press

    an 80% Lower Receiver
    a drill press
    80% jig
    0.125” or 1/8” drill bit
    0.266” or 17/64” drill bit
    0.375” or 3/8” drill bit
    0.438” or 7/16” drill bit
    0.500” or 1/2” drill bit
    0.250” or 1/4″ X 2.5”(long) endmill
    0.375” or 3/8”(long) endmill

    ... from http://www.buildar15.com/tools-to-build-ar-15/

    1. I bought a 80% lower receiver from the guys at Gunpartsplus.com and the jig which came with great step by step instructions to finish. It was fairly easy.

  5. I bought an 80% lower from the guys at Gunpartsplus.com and the milling jig which came with good instructions and was fairly simple to complete.


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