90 Miles From Tyranny : If You Buy Two Hand Guns At The Same Time, You Get Reported To the Sheriff's Office In Florida

Monday, May 13, 2013

If You Buy Two Hand Guns At The Same Time, You Get Reported To the Sheriff's Office In Florida

How Did I Find This Out?  Luckily The Broward County Sheriff has not yet come a knockin' at my door to see if I still have both handguns and have not sold them to other parties, but then again my last name is not Holder or Obama so Mexican Drug Cartels are out of luck.

But As I picked up my spanking new Browning Buckmark and my Taurus .38 Special Revolver, my Gun Rep At Outdoor World told me this in idle conversation.  I have been reported to the Broward County Sheriff for exercising my Constitutional rights.

Owning a gun is a civil liberty and self defense is a civil right.  I have nothing against the Sheriff's office, but they should not be bothered by law abiding citizens making lawful purchases and exercising one of the most basic rights our constitution explicitly commands.  Shall not be infringed is a command, I have no problem with a background check that goes away and is untraceable, but that implies that you have a trustworthy Government that will not use its agencies for political gain, allow citizens to die for political gain, or use the IRS or any other agency to prosecute its enemies.  We do not.

But I digress.  Anyways, here are my two new beauties:


  1. One of the sweetest shooting semi auto 22's I've ever shot was a buckmark. Nice new toys, need to start expanding my collection again

  2. umm hate to tell you this , but you were also reported to BATFE for multiple handgun purchases .

  3. Jeez. I'm gonna have to convert to radical Islam, make a trip to Afghanistan, return and start spouting anti-American/West/Christian hate so that they will ignore me.


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