90 Miles From Tyranny : The Tale of Brer Rabbit and Benghazi Baby

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Tale of Brer Rabbit and Benghazi Baby

Having constructed Benghazi Baby through neglect, cynicism and mismanagement, Brer Rabbit becomes trapped in the sticky ooze of his own creation despite the assistance of Brer's Socialist friends in the media forest. Now, just that same day, Brer Rabbit was about to get into trouble for more of his mischievous misdoings, seems that Brer Rabbit was targeting the good citizens from the town of Hardworkingville, using the shadowy organization called the IRS.

As Brer Rabbit is contemplating his awful situation of his own doing, Brer Fox comes walking along. "Well, Well, Well" said Brer Fox, "What have you gotten yourself into here Brer Rabbit?

Now, thought Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox doesn't know about the IRS yet, maybe I can get myself out of Benghazi Baby and frame the IRS scandal the way I want it to be framed.....Brer Rabbit hatched a devious, maniacal, ruthless, cunning and evil plan, all at the same time.

"Well Brer Fox", said Brer Rabbit remembering all the times he has tried to throw Brer Fox the the wolves. I's loving it here in this here Benghazi Baby, but please, please don't throw me into that there Cleveland patch. It's awful there, I admit it, I have been using the shadowy IRS in the Cleveland patch to do bad things, please, please don't put me in there".

Brer Rabbit knew that the Cleveland patch was just small potatoes, if all the focus went away from Benghazi Baby, and away from the Washington patch where the real evil lies, and where the big players of the IRS scandal were, Brer Rabbit could kill two birds with one stone"

Will Brer Fox take the bait and focus on Cleveland patch where Brer Rabbit Wants him to focus on? Will the big players of the IRS scandal in the Washington patch get caught? Stay tuned for the continuing tales of Brer Rabbit and Benghazi Baby.

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