90 Miles From Tyranny : Child Sex Killer Gets Free Tattoo...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Child Sex Killer Gets Free Tattoo...

I found this story from 2007 and I like revenge stories, so here we go...

A CHILD sex killer is scarred with a tattoo of his victims name — gouged into his forehead by fellow inmates at a US jail.

Anthony Stockelman, 39, was left raw and bleeding with the words Katies revenge carved in ink pen. It refers to ten-year-old Katie Collman, the girl he admitted abducting, molesting and drowning last year.

Stockelman was last night isolated from 2,000 other lags as chiefs probed a claim that a relative of Katie's is also in the Indiana jail.

A source close to her family said: Hell have to think about what he did every time he looks in the mirror. And everybody who sees him will know exactly what hes done. He is literally a marked man.

Stockleman snatched Katie near her home, tied her up and molested her, then dumped her face-down in a creek.

A photo of his tattoo, taken by jail officials as evidence of the lags attack, was put on an internet crime blog by someone calling herself Lilo.

She claimed it was anonymously emailed to her and added: They said a distant cousin of Katies had given Stockelman the tattoo when prisoners were being moved.

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  1. Usually the other prisoners just kill molesters. I'm surprised they showed restraint


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