90 Miles From Tyranny : FAIR and H1B Visa's Will Destroy Demand For High Tech American Workers

Thursday, June 6, 2013

FAIR and H1B Visa's Will Destroy Demand For High Tech American Workers

Large corporate employers have used the H1B Visa program to discriminate against American high tech workers since its inception.  In an attempt to drive down high tech salaries, these corporations hire high tech workers from low wage countries instead of unemployed or underemployed American workers.  Using their lobbyists, they get government to create and expand H1B visa programs with the claim that they just cannot find American high tech workers, while available American workers remain unemployed.  These foreign workers will not need pension, retirement or long term medical benefits.  

This program is particularly destructive to older high tech workers as they are simply replaced by young foreign workers, reducing the costs of maintaining and rewarding long term skilled workers.

The FEDERATION FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION REFORM or FAIR, will increase H1B Visa's from a yearly cap of 65,000 to a cap of 180,000.  

The chart below shows how the supply of high tech workers in America is currently far outpacing demand.  

The H1B visa program needs to be repealed not expanded.  let's get American high tech workers back to work, this will increase our cyber security, the health of the economy, our tax base and American families.

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