90 Miles From Tyranny : Global Warming Crew Gets Stuck In The Ice...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Global Warming Crew Gets Stuck In The Ice...

Imagine an entire industry built around something that does not exist.  If you tell the governments that fund you that man made global warming does not exist, you are out of a job.  You no longer get to go on amazing expeditions with little coeds that admire and idolize you.  You may have to actually engage in honest work.

If you are a government, man made global warming means power and money for you.  You can assert your governmental power in the name of "the good of mankind", meanwhile you can grow government, restrict freedom and liberty (government and liberty are inverse), and you can reward the people that give you money by awarding them green contracts in which they still make money when the projects fail.

The global warming scientists and government need each other; it is a symbiotic relationship where the two combine to leach on the backs of honest taxpayers.

and they never even offer you a cigarette after they are done with you...

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