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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Deviously Clever Tactics...

I know that the opinions of George W. Bush are all over the board among right thinking people.  Put that all aside and consider why George W Bush is a fucking genius: 

George W. Bush was a cheerleader in High School and in College.  A cheerleader.  .  .  .  .

Many years ago when I first found out about this seemingly effeminate activity, it was most likely around his first election, I was like WTF?  I now understand the genius of this strategy.  George Bush's strategy of becoming a cheerleader is genius because of propinquity. 

When a male is in high school and college, there is one thing he thinks about all the time.  Women, how to get women, how to be near women, how to have sex with women, how to get that girl you have a crush on to notice you.  It is amazing there is any time for anything else. And then there is George W. Bush, he figured it out, he is a true genius because he understood propinquity.

Ok, so let's explore propinquity. (borrowing liberally from wikipedia) Propinquity (from Latin propinquitas, "nearness") is one of the main factors leading to interpersonal attraction. It refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people.  The propinquity effect is the tendency for people to form friendships or romantic
relationships with those whom they encounter often, forming a bond between subject and friend. Occupational propinquity, based on a person's career, is also commonly seen as a factor in marriage selection. Workplace interactions are frequent and this frequent interaction is often a key indicator as to why close relationships can readily form in this type of environment. In other words, relationships tend to form between those who have a high propinquity.

So using propinquity, George W. Bush actively sought out the finest of the fine, cheerleaders.  Years and years of being around, next to, propelling into the air, (and who knows what else) cheerleaders.

When I grow up, I want to be as deviously clever as the genius George W. Bush.

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  1. My Dad told me, "Son. You date who you're around. Now get me a beer."


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