90 Miles From Tyranny : How Reggie Became Tank...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How Reggie Became Tank...

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  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. My twelve year old son just asked me if I was okay.
    And I said yeah.
    I just read a really sad story.

  3. Wow, that's one hell of a story! And as the owner of a rescue-dog, I'd like to say thank you for saving Reggie... Er, I mean Tank! =)

  4. Literalism says it's not true. But it's a great story.


  5. And now I have some tears in my eyes.
    Great story!!
    Thank you........
    Just gave my 2 dogs a big hug goodnight.

  6. The first time I went to Iraq my adopted Pit/Basset/Lab mix spent the year I was gone taking all of my left shoes into his kennel and chewing them. When I came home and my wife opened the kennel he cried, started shaking and peed on the floor. I think he thought I was dead and returned as a ghost. For the next three years every time I packed a bag to go to the field or TDY somewhere he would take stuff out every time I turned my back, as if he thought if he could stop me from packing he could stop me from leaving. Three years later I went back to Iraq, for a much shorter tour, and I was in a place where I could call home. My wife would put him on the phone and he would wag his tail and smile a dog smile.When I got home there was nothing but pure joy on his face and he didn't let me out of his sight for a week. Four years later I went back to Iraq one last time. By then Bubba was 10. I cried when I left the house and made hime "promise" (as if a dog can make promises) to be there when I got home. I'd even Skype with hime when I talked to my wife and kids. Bubba was there as promised when I got home, and ran and jumped on me like a puppy. We had six more months together. One morning I went to work. Kissed him on the head before I left the house like I always did, told him he was in charge until I got back and that I loved him. When I got home that evening my wife was standing in the driveway crying. Bubba had played with his buddies in the back yard. Had a long walk. Layed in the sun on his back catching a tan. Then hopped on the couch and had a nap that he never woke up from. Its amazing how dogs can touch us in ways that people can't.

  7. I don't know if this story is real or not. It IS a nice story, even if it's apocryphal. Still, it reminds me a lot of a country song written when I was in high school about a Corvette owned by a Vietnam War soldier who didn't come home.

  8. ...and you all just made me bawl...


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