90 Miles From Tyranny : FACT: If Greg Gutfeld Had A Competing Show With John Stewart, Gutfeld Would Have More Viewers

Sunday, January 5, 2014

FACT: If Greg Gutfeld Had A Competing Show With John Stewart, Gutfeld Would Have More Viewers

If Greg Gutfled had a similarly formatted show as John Stewart, the same budget and was on at the same time slot, Greg Gutfeld would beat John Stewart in ratings within 6 months.  The time is ripe for a new comedy show lampooning the socialists and espousing fiscal conservatism, free market principles and Gutfeld's own Libertarian viewpoint that appeals to the younger demographics.

Greg Gutfeld has already proven on his shows, The Five

and Red Eye that his brand of humorous commentary works very well and both shows are hits with the so-called "key" 25-54 demographic.  The Five beats all cable news in its time slot in every demographic, and the more irreverent Red Eye does very well also in the 3:00 a.m. time slot.  The stats for this time slot are hard to find, but I did find this little nugget from Breitbart in June 2013:
Key point: Red Eye airs at three in the freakin' morning. Morning Joe airs between six and nine in the morning.
During the month of April, in all of cable news, Morning Joe ranked 44, with 133,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo. Red Eye ranked 37, with 155,000 viewers in that same demo.
Shouldn’t this fact take some of the air out of Morning Joe's ridiculously-inflated influence on the national debate? Scarborough's impact is all based on smoke, mirrors, and fraud.
Moreover, Salon's Alex Pareene believes Morning Joe might be a large part of the cable net's problem.

In the battle for hearts and minds, we can begin to win younger audiences disenchanted with the lies and deceptions of the Democrats.  The fight against tyranny starts with winning back younger audiences and Greg Gutfeld should be our standard bearer.

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