90 Miles From Tyranny : Hey Obama...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hey Obama...

This is for destroying the economy, destroying jobs, destroying the American dream, making it legal to kill American citizens anywhere in the world without due process, making my child a slave of your debt, acting like a monarch, taking lavish vacations and having lavish parties while citizens struggle to make ends meet or find a job, disrespecting national monuments, turning this country into a socialist nation, allowing Americans to die in Benghazi, giving aid and comfort to our enemies, sending guns to drug cartels in order to accomplish un-constitutional ends, shredding the constitution, disrespecting it, no defending it, promoting class warfare, dividing our once great country into identity groups, targeting Americans based on their political affiliation, spying on Americans and denying them their 4th amendment rights, promoting voter fraud, the denying the right to a fair and free election, lowering the prospects of all Americans, and finally, shamelessly wanting to go farther and cause more destruction and pain on the American people. 

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