90 Miles From Tyranny : I Want To Say Thank You To Proflowers

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Want To Say Thank You To Proflowers

For Valentine's Day, I ordered from http://www.proflowers.com/.  It was a two part order and the first part got delivered on Valentine's day with no problems, which made myself and my pretty lady very happy.

The second part came from North Carolina, and was sent out on the day they had a severe snowstorm; In any case, through no fault of their own, the chocolate covered strawberries arrived yesterday and they were worse for wear.

I called Proflowers ready for a fight, there was no fight, they offered me any option I wanted, including a full refund on the roses that arrived on Valentines day,  I just wanted the Strawberries redelivered.  They arrive tomorrow.  The next time I order flowers or special stuff, I am using Proflowers.  They were just great in trying circumstances for everyone.

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