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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anyone Who Has Played An RPG, Should Understand This...

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  1. Dungeons & Dragons, before all of the revisions, though some were okay. It came down to having a good DM and inventive players. It is amazing what can be done if you merely think, then ask.

    As to the notions? Having played many of the roles, I would suggest no man is free to be any one of those, or in every situation. Our bodies, our minds, and our souls, in various alignments and with certain possibilities open, will play what they must. Was Christ suicidal? He knew what would happen. Was Truman genocidal? Even if you are defending yourself, family, innocents, if you kill, are you... right? Yes, yes, I see. Just... try not to believe you are any absolute one of those, even on your best day. The ideal is fine, the reality... Well... learning to live with, once we learn what all has been done in our name and for our sake and survival, is another trick entirely.

    Could go be a vegan, so as not to kill, only to kill even more. There is no way to slide out of what we are. But we don't have to surrender to it either. Not... fully. Hmm, I'm thinking a steak sounds delicious. Along with some murdered vegetables and grains, processed into something or other. Did you know that grains, when they are cut, scream? Yum!


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