90 Miles From Tyranny : SHARYL TAKES AN EXIT

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


“I have resigned from CBS.”

And so said Sharyl Attkisson in a tweet Monday afternoon. She had spent 20 years as an investigative reporter at the network, relentlessly pursuing information on multiple disquieting matters, including the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack and “Fast and Furious,” a gun-running operation gone awry.

The multiple-award-winning Ms. Attkisson leaves CBS citing liberal bias “an outsized influence of the network’s corporate partners,” according to a report from Politico. Yes, she’s writing a book about her experiences called “Stonewalled: One Reporter’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington.” It is scheduled to go on sale Nov. 4 — Election Day.

Meanwhile, at her Twitter bio, the third-degree taekwondo black belt and married mother of one describes herself as “Investigative journalist, dreaming of a day when public officials answer questions as if they know they work for the public.” And her motto? “Untouchable subjects. Fearless reporting.” Her parting with CBS was, she says, amicable.

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