90 Miles From Tyranny : Glock vs. Glock

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Glock vs. Glock


  1. I hate Glocks. If it is your thing, stick it in your pants and shut up. If you want a real gun, let me know. If you are a pro, go for it. Otherwise, get behind the barricade. You have to be ^ this tall to ride on the big rides.

  2. Silly comment. "Hates" Glocks based on..... not being "real". "REAL". Umm, ok. It's unreal. Yeesh. A silly statement from a silly individual.

  3. My Glock goes pow with every type of ammo I put in it every time I squeeze the trigger. My Colt 1911 will NOT go pow if I use certain JHP or steel cast bullets - it has a vary narrow diet that allows it to perform.


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