90 Miles From Tyranny : "The Essential Notion Of A Socialist Society Is Force"

Friday, April 4, 2014

"The Essential Notion Of A Socialist Society Is Force"

-Milton Friedman

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Milton Friedman


  1. I feel the need to clarify some things, for the rabbits in society. Civil order is, in all forms, maintained through force. The little forces of peer pressure all the way up to lethal force being applied unambiguously. The difference between a free society and a state controlled one, is that property can be owned, and protected, in a free society. Whereas in a state run society, the state owns everything, including the people, and will use force to protect what it considers as property. Even from the property, especially from that, over all other considerations. Even ideas need to be purged in a state society. States would rather have you lie about what you see than even think about not being property.

    Force, in all governments, is absolutely required. It is a matter of who is allowed to use force, and for what purposes. Force, violence, will never be able to be put aside, even by a good state. Actually, especially by a good state. But a good state, in great part, is it's people.

    Get that? Free men or slaves. That is the only choice.

    1. Doom -What you say is absolutely true when talking about governments. Friedman however, was referring to economic systems. I know they often so intertwined and are that it is hard to differentiate the two,but that is all the more reason to heed Friedman's other words of advice, some of which Mike also included links to,at the bottom of his post.

    2. Ah, yeah, no, I get that. I just... slipped and blathered. Though there is some link. Yeah, okay. Gotcha. And thanks for taking the time to point that out.


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