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Monday, April 14, 2014

Herbs For Your Health And Wellness..

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  1. I'm not an absolute believer. In fact, I am highly skeptical. I have tried some things with, at best, to date, negligible results. But that doesn't mean I discourage... exploration. Careful exploration. Because I don't think big pharma has it right, either, often. Big pharma, while to a degree correctly, in one sense, only has the bottom line on it's mind. Then again, that's true with herbal mongers. But growing, and testing, your own stuff? All for it. If it helps, and you can grow it, and know what you are really getting, worth a shot.

    I have had people who have used these items to some success. My father used cherries for gout, and it helped at least as he saw things. Others I know who have low testosterone use things, and swear by them. Many women I have known use a touch of this and that and do believe it helps. I wouldn't mind something that helps just a touch here, or there, and do swear by simple chewable vitamins, at this point. I can't say what it helps, only that there is just an ever so slight uptick in life, somehow, generally speaking. That's as good as this ol' cynic can do. But I keep looking and considering.

    Just because you don't believe doesn't mean it's not worth a shot? :) Love, medicine, herbs... Dubious but... curious.


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