90 Miles From Tyranny : Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott Endangers The World By Firing Climate Scientists In His Country

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott Endangers The World By Firing Climate Scientists In His Country

Prime Minister Tony Abbot is recklessly firing climate scientists in his country without regard on how it will affect other countries.

Does he ever stop to think where these climate scientists and their climate data models will go? That's right, they will go to other countries, endangering jobs, productivity and entire economies in the wake of their fossil fueled migrations.

Tony Abbot is unleashing a cancer upon the world, a cancer that spreads unemployment, misery, starvation and in the latter stages civil unrest and revolution. These dangerous climate cultists are paid to produce one thing: false data in order to increase the size of government, the need for government and to reduce the freedom and rights of the affected peoples of said nations.

Tony Abbot is selfishly enriching his own country on the backs of every other country on this old, old planet earth, a planet that has for billions and billions of years changed its own climate without the guidance of climate scientists. Ice ages and periods of great warming have occurred without enriching climate scientists and governments, which can prosper by sowing lies, fear and flawed climate models.

Tony Abbot does not seem to understand that the natural order of things is that government must continue to grow until the very gravity of government consumes and destroys itself followed by death, anarchy, disease, starvation and finally after many brutal decades of misery; renewal, just like the fall of Rome. By firing the climate scientists, Tony Abbot takes a hockey stick to the normal cycle of humanity and ushers in a future of prosperity for Australia. This level of selfishness must not go unpunished! Go forth young journalists! Write many, many bad things about TONY ABBOT!

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