90 Miles From Tyranny : Hey Lefties: That Ship Has Sailed!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Lefties: That Ship Has Sailed!

Communism and Socialism are failures. Stop trying to redefine them and stop glorifying them.  These two ideologies have snuffed out millions of lives.

The way forward is free markets made from free individuals with equal opportunities and unequal results. The fight we must all fight is crony capitalism which is not far from fascism and socialism.

Always remember, the more government grows, the less liberty we all have.


  1. What you don't understand, I think, is that they know this system (communism is just another form of socialism) murders people, in droves. That is part of their intent. In other words, the Democrat, some Republican, and some indies... think many of us should die. Academia, as a consensus driven entity, and the media, are in agreement that people should be murdered en mass, by the state, through social engineering, and that should become the status quo. Some of them realize they will be among the first against the wall, but most of them think it will be everyone else. The thing with socialist governments is that they get rid of the infirm, lazy, and trouble-makers first... which includes politicians and activists, then minority groups, before every beginning to kill middlings. They eat their own, then just use random terror to keep the sheep in line.

    I still think I would exile many of them to N.K., China, and some other places that already have their preferred form of government.

  2. The heart of communism is destroying an idea (individualism). Ideas cannot be destroyed unless everyone "tainted" with that idea is destroyed and all records of the idea erased.


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