90 Miles From Tyranny : Obama to “honor Islam” by visiting triumphal mosque built on site of church in Malaysia

Friday, April 25, 2014

Obama to “honor Islam” by visiting triumphal mosque built on site of church in Malaysia

As the world continues to suffer the onslaught of jihadi wars and Islamic supremacist revolutions, Obama chooses to subtly sanction supremacism and savagery with a Presidential visit to a victory mosque.
Malaysia chruch

Will Obama address the oppression of Christian in Malaysia? Will Obama address the persecution of Christians as a result of the law that prohibits Christians from using the word allah for god? A word that Christians in Malaysia have used for centuries. Churches have been set ablaze and Christians mercilessly attacked.

Will Obama visit the site of a burned-down church?

Obama’s unquestioning support for and encouragement of Islam’s jihad and sharia only serves to increase the human toll the brutal supremacism demands.

Malaysia: Obama to “honor Islam” by visiting triumphal mosque built on site of church )thanks to Robert Spencer)

“Religious Adviser to Prime Minister Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Md Zin said it was ‘not common’ for a leader of a superpower to include a visit to a mosque in their itinerary.” But, he said, “there can be no better way for Obama to honour Islam than by visiting Masjid Negara. It will be interesting to know what he has to say about the mosque and Islam.” Indeed it will. But whatever he says, it will almost certainly demonstrate that he has learned nothing since his outreach speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009, despite the spectacular failure of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the abysmal failure of U.S. forces laboring under his impossible rules of engagement in Afghanistan, and despite the Fort Hood jihad massacre, and despite the Boston Marathon jihad bombing, and 1000 other events that refute his core assumptions. Despite all this, Obama will utter the same platitudes he has uttered before about the marvelous contributions Islam has made to world civilization and to the U.S., and about the need for mutual respect, and about how he will fight for Muslims’ right to observe Sharia provisions and fight against criticism of Islam and Muhammad.

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