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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Never Give Up

Women are awesome, am I right?  

Look, women sometimes talk bad about men and men sometimes talk bad about women, it's because we care. We love our mothers and our daughters and all the women in our lives, and we defend them with our lives.

So let's talk about rape culture. (segue anyone?) Yes, the leftist feminist meme to demonize all men. There is no man who supports rape, not among the right side of politics anyways. Rape is committed by a very few criminals, often repeat offenders that lenient leftist courts have let out to victimize more women.

The agenda of radical, progressive feminists is to demonize all men, and the attack all men with zeal at any chance they get. These zealots even call all sex between a man and a woman, rape.

There is no rape culture, there is hate culture however, and it exists on the left.

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