90 Miles From Tyranny : Nicolas Cage Drowns People When He Makes Movies...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nicolas Cage Drowns People When He Makes Movies...

98% of statistics are made up. Fact. And once you start messing with data, it’s easy to draw conclusions between unrelated facts. Tyler Vigen uses these hilarious charts to show correlations between such oddities as the divorce rate in Maine and the consumption of margarine in the US, the number of math doctorates awarded in the US and the number of suicides by hanging and suffocation, and other seemingly unrelated phenomenon.

Or are they unrelated?? We’ll let you decide.

Drownings in Swimming Pools and Nicolas Cage Movies

Cheese Consumption and Deaths from Becoming Tangled in Bedsheets

Pretty funny stuff, find more correlations HERE

1 comment:

  1. Not sure about the drownings, though... it could be some form of quality control issue. But the cheese thing? Absolutely. Pucker power can be murder. And we only do it to ourselves! :p

    You've been warned, people, twice!


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