90 Miles From Tyranny : Looking To Build A Business In The United States?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Looking To Build A Business In The United States?

We're #1 !!! In...er... corporate taxes, in the World! All you budding socialists yearning to be unfree, this is your opportunity to contribute to big government! Start a business and pay out the yazoo to your bureaucratic masters! Your dream of a government utopia will be sooner realized with every dollar you are taxed. Oh, that's right, socialists don't start businesses, they work to destroy them.


  1. If you have a business, take a walk through your employees parking lot. Every bumper sticker, window sign you see take mnote and find out who drives that car/truck. Then find a reason to get rid of that communistic piece of shit and let them think fo awhile about why they voted for that muslim fag.

  2. Actually we're #2. The UAE's corporate tax rate is 15 points higher. But #2 is nothing to be proud of.


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