90 Miles From Tyranny : Billy, don't be a hero, Don't be a fool with your life...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Billy, don't be a hero, Don't be a fool with your life...

The songs "Billy Don't Be A Hero" And "The Night Chicago Died", are tattooed into my memory.
My father got his orders and we were to leave Fort Wainwright Alaska and go to Germany. 

We drove from Fairbanks to Anchorage and took a flight into JFK. I was the skinniest creature imaginable and was responsible for the giant heavy suitcase as my father flew out a month ahead of us. (this was before there were wheels on suitcases.)  From JFK, the Army took us out to an airbase in New Jersey by Limo. We were very impressed being that were were a lowly enlisted family.

On the way out of New York City, I saw a kid getting beaten up by two other kids against a fence; The mean city. Anyways, we got to our temporary quarters and on the radio were these two songs in quick rotation, first time any of us had heard them. It was in intense time, and these songs I will remember forever.

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  1. Dude was lucky to survive....asphyxia or broken neck; not smart.


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