90 Miles From Tyranny : Government = Force, More Government = Less Freedom...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Government = Force, More Government = Less Freedom...

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  1. Without the benefit or baggage of others, I realized long ago that not only does the government not love us, it can't love. It is, in essence, a machine. A heartless hungry one. It can only see us as resources toward it's goals, ignoring our suffering over it's goals. Even, usually, seeing our suffering as a part of it's goals. And not seeing our suffering, even to our death, for it's goals, as anything but a good. Government is merely, at best, an necessary evil.

    Try to tell that to people who have all their eggs in the government basket. But then watch as they try to encourage virtue, only to watch them dance that line into a birdnest of madness that makes no sense whatsoever. The last fellow I spoke to who was like this told me there was no God, then raged at God. I asked if he realized that if he was angry at a Being he didn't believe existed, then the problem was his. He repeated the process, as did I. I saw a spark in his eye, as he was returning to sanity through reason. Most likely, he will forget the event so as to not have to deal with it. Loving and trusting his government, while continuing to hate God, who he doesn't believe exists. Can't help some people.


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