90 Miles From Tyranny : Halloween Prank...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Prank...

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  1. Bam, BAM BAmBam, BAM BAm, BAM Click reload, Bam, BAM BAmBam, BAM BAm, BAM

  2. DoninSacto,

    I was thinking stomp. If I think momentum would be on my particular side in this case. Plus, my foot is much quicker to draw, is always with me, and fires at about the same rate, plus would almost never miss or over-penetrate. Ammo isn't actually cheaper, but considering required consumption otherwise, the extra would be negligible. :p

  3. I do not care if you were a Navy SEAL...you would run if you walked up one this. I pooped a little just watching this.


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