90 Miles From Tyranny : Will Obama Announce Amnesty During The Ferguson Riots He Is Planning?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Will Obama Announce Amnesty During The Ferguson Riots He Is Planning?

Will Obama use the coming Ferguson riots to announce amnesty? The Grand Jury verdict is due this week and the community organizer in chief went out of his way to meet with Obamabot future rioters to tell them to "Stay The Course" in other words, go apeshit crazy when the truth is revealed.

This unrest has been planned by Eric Holder and his Injustice Department and the willing accomplices in the media, the left, and social justice warriors, throughout education, government and the artist communities, and Obama himself, but to what end?

Perhaps these planned riots will be used as a cover to announce amnesty.  As the media circle jerks all over the 24 hour coverage and increased ratings, Obama announces his illegal and unconstitutional Executive Order and the media essentially ignores it and covers the riots, but not the part where innocent people get attacked around the nation and never mentioning the legality of such an executive order. This is an Alinsky wet dream in the making, never let a crisis go to waste? The sinister cabal of collectivists would all fall in line in order to further erode American Culture, The Constitution and individual rights.

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Dapandico said...

Another Gruber moment that the media will ignore