90 Miles From Tyranny : Iran Knows That They Need To Attack Israel Now While Obama Is Still In Office..

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Iran Knows That They Need To Attack Israel Now While Obama Is Still In Office..

If Iran wants to attack Israel, they need to attack now while Barack Obama is still in office.  This is the only time when they are guaranteed to be able to attack Israel without the American military backing up Israel.

These next two years is a very dangerous time for Israel.

Any U.S. president who gets elected in 2016 will almost guaranteed be a supporter of Israel. Certainly any Republican or Independent would be. Barack Obama is clearly not a supporter of Israel. Barack Obama has snubbed all of our traditional allies in favor of very shady countries including Iran and Egypt's deposed Islamic Brotherhood Regime. Barack Obama is a traitor to American interests, the American people, and to western values in general.

The only way that Israel will not prevail against Iran and other terrorist entities, even without the backing of America, would be if multiple nuclear weapons were detonated in the borders of Israel itself.

If Israel were to cease to exist, it would change nothing as far as radical Islam is concerned with the possible exception that the U.S. becomes the primary target of Islamic hate and vitriol.

Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama hate Israel. All of their...
actions have proven this, Iran already knows from Valerie Jarrett that America will stand down in any conflict with Israel.

The planning to invade Israel has already begun and Israel's Intelligence is on to them

May Israel, a modern western nation, prevail over the 8th century salafists.

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  1. Oh I wouldn't worry too much. The yodelling mullahs and filthy imams in Tehran know full well that if they attack Isreal - it will retaliate...with nukes if necessary. They are all moslem freedom fighters and bravery right up until their own filthy hides are on the line.


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