90 Miles From Tyranny : These 26 Traitorous Republicans Voted Against Blocking Amnesty – Must Be Defeated In 2016

Sunday, January 18, 2015

These 26 Traitorous Republicans Voted Against Blocking Amnesty – Must Be Defeated In 2016

A total of 26 Republicans officially announced themselves as RINO open borders traitors and enemies of the Constitution and its separation of powers today. They did so by voting against the successful Marsh Blackburn (R-TN) amendment to the Homeland Security funding bill which prevents any of those funds from being used in the implementation of Hussein Obama’s dictatorial amnesty or in the funding of future DACA applications or renewals.

The bill passed by a vote of 218-209, with the defections coming largely in districts in which Republicans represent large minority populations and in which they may have felt it prudent to put their perceived interests of minority citizens and their associated votes over the Constitution and the oath they swore.

The first to vote against the amendment was the RINO from North Carolina, Renee Ellmers, a most disdainful turncoat who should be forced to identify with the Democrats as the heavily Republican majority doesn’t justify a foreign operative within their ranks. She was later joined by 25 more, all of whom should be targeted for primary opposition in 2016 and removed from office.

All of them swore an oath to uphold the Constitution on February 6th. It took less than ten days for each one to violate that oath in the furtherance of their own personal or a greater socialist agenda.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) had enhanced her reputation among conservatives when she fought tenaciously for the release of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison. Whatever goodwill she garnered through that effort was just squandered in her trampling upon our sovereignty and our Constitution. One good deed does not provide a justification or permission for future transgressions.
The shameful sellouts are:

Read more at http://universalfreepress.com/26-traitorous-republicans-voted-blocking-amnesty-must-defeated-2016/

Read more at http://universalfreepress.com/26-traitorous-republicans-voted-blocking-amnesty-must-defeated-2016/

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