90 Miles From Tyranny : India clears $8 billion warships project to counter Chinese navy

Thursday, February 19, 2015

India clears $8 billion warships project to counter Chinese navy

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s government has cleared a $8 billion plan to build the country’s most advanced warships, defense sources said, just months after ordering new submarines to close the gap with the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean.

Since taking over last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signaled his resolve to build a strong military after years of neglect that military planners say has left India unable to fight a two-front war against China and Pakistan.

India’s navy has been rattled in recent months after Chinese submarines docked in Sri Lanka, just off its southern coast, underlining the growing reach of the Chinese navy after years of staying closer to its shores.

Modi summoned a meeting of the cabinet committee on security on Monday to approve construction of seven frigates equipped with stealth features to avoid easy detection, a defense ministry source said.

The Times of India said the government had also approved six nuclear-powered...
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  1. Because of both China's and India's policies which have lead to massive genocide against unborn girls, they are going to have to go to war. With each at, probably already well beyond, 11,000,000 men who have no chance at finding a wife, if they don't go to war they will fall to civil wars. Neither has a government strong enough to resist that tide. Except to liquidate large numbers of men through war. Blood for blood, as it has always been. This is a different sort of thing. Few peoples, in all of history, have slaughtered their unborn children, focusing on one particular sex. There is a price for it. A dear one. Especially if their well laid plans for common war goes nuclear. And they are both nuclear. Nasty bit of business that is going to turn into. Not sure the men will be able to be willed to the depth of combat butchery necessary... I'm think civil war, in both countries, and great destabilization, before this is done.


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