90 Miles From Tyranny : America’s Top Model Contestant Murdered by Illegal Alien..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

America’s Top Model Contestant Murdered by Illegal Alien..

Mirjana Puhar
Charlotte, NC – On Tuesday, police discovered three dead bodies at a home in the 700 block of Norris Drive and found three dead bodies. All had been shot to death.

One the victims was 19-year-old Mirjana Puhar, a finalist on the popular show, “America’s Next Top Model.”

The bodies of 23-year-old Jonathan Cosme Alvarado, and 22-year-old Jusmar Isaiah Gonzaga-Garcia were also found in the residence.

While the investigation is ongoing, police believe the shootings were drug-related.

As it turns out, Illegal Alien Rangel was also wanted for the recent murder of 22-year-old Rosool Jaleel Harrell, who was shot to death inside a car in Matthews, NC.

Puhar came to this country from Serbia with her family when she was only five years old. In her teen years, she worked at a McDonald’s while struggling to make it as a model.

Ironically, Puhar recently posted a message on Instagram, stating: “I have a dream that one day we will one day spread more love than we do hate,” reported WBTV.

Illegal Alien Rangel has been charged with..

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