90 Miles From Tyranny : Obama Announces Creation Of Federal Domestic Police State Force, Progressively, So We Won’t Stop Him..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Obama Announces Creation Of Federal Domestic Police State Force, Progressively, So We Won’t Stop Him..

The only reason Hussein Obama needed to make the announcement of his federal takeover of local law enforcement, the gradual diversion away from a mission of serving the people to one of serving him, was to hear himself talk and to, as he loves to do, lecture the peasants. Anyone who has been paying attention already knows he is creating his own private domestic army of Obama loyalists, under his faithful servants in the “Justice Department.”
On Monday he described the takeover in familiar, ominous terms, saying, “We have a great opportunity, coming out of some great conflict and tragedy, to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations.”  The determination of just how great this opportunity is depends solely upon one’s perspective. For the American people, the loss of local accountability and control of their community and state policing is the real great tragedy.

Open is presenting the culmination of his program of racial agitation-based drive for “racial justice” against the fabricated bigotry of white cops, all white people and all police in general. He will now create a favored class of citizen, the minority criminal; included will be those he is now importing to replace the American citizens in his new communist “utopia.” In the Orwellian world that is the Hussein Obama dictatorship, criminals are victims. Crime-fighters and law-abiding citizens are criminals.

The creation of a system of financial rewards for compliance with federal dictates and punishing non-compliance, either through the withholding of grant money or with actual sanctions and litigation by the federal bureaucracy is taking place at this very moment. That is the true nature of the beast that Hussein Obama is creating. His new personal Obama force will be the means of controlling dissent as his rule deprives the American people of our freedoms and our God-given rights are stripped from us.

He advanced the carrot portion of the equation by seeking to “expand the COPS program that in the past has been very effective, continues to be effective, but is largely underfunded — to see if we can get more incentives for local communities to apply some of the best practices and lessons that are embodied in this report. That type of thing used to be considered bribery. Now it’s part of “best practices.” Best is whatever Obama says it is.

In announcing preferential status for non-white offenders, Obama said, “I think communities across the board are going to need to...

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