90 Miles From Tyranny : If Hillary Clinton Signed Form OF-109, She Committed A Felony

Sunday, March 15, 2015

If Hillary Clinton Signed Form OF-109, She Committed A Felony

Transparency: Hillary Clinton insists she did everything by the book, that she broke no laws and heeded all regulations. That book is obviously not the State Department records management handbook.

The government's book says that you don't get to keep materials, classified or unclassified, in your personal possession and then get to sift through them at your leisure to decide which ones the government that paid you gets to see.

All documents are the property of the government. The State Department determines which ones are returned to you.

As Shannen W. Coffin, a contributing editor at National Review and senior lawyer at both the White House and Justice Department under President George W. Bush, points out, a provision titled "Removal Procedures" requires departing federal employees to relinquish any classified materials at the time of departure and to clear the removal through records-management officials.

State Department employees, from the secretary on down, have to abide by this process.According to Coffin, the records management handbook says...
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