90 Miles From Tyranny : Mideast Math..

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mideast Math..

..and then they came for you..

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  1. I have been skeptical of Israel's part in this. No, not in self defense, but whether they were legitimately even trying. When I heard that Zero threatened to shoot their plains down if they attacked, I realized... it is very difficult to defend yourself when your "friends" are holding your arms behind your back. It's got to be a dream having "friends" who not only won't help you defend your very life, but is actively seeking to arm your (other) enemies with a weapon that can wipe you out.

    American and Western Jews, who hold progressive notions above notions of God... that is another thing altogether. They are part of the problem. They helped elect Zero and the brown-out crew. I have no sympathy for what they are receiving in Europe or what they, most likely if their support for the fundamnetal transformation of America continues (or even remains as it is, and Republicans don't seem all that interested in taking a few steps back, so...). They have chosen. More, there may, shortly, be no Israel to which to return. They will have only themselves to thank.


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