90 Miles From Tyranny : I Loneliness Lethal?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Loneliness Lethal?


Found HERE

Loneliness Is More Deadly Than Obesity..

Special thanks: Martha W


  1. Seems to track with the rise of the cell phone and the Internet.

    Technology does seem to have limits on its value, don't it?

  2. Loneliness is what you make of it. Being segregated by health for decades, for the most part, and while it hits once in a while it isn't even a large issue.

    No, honestly, I really enjoy company. But I can give or take on it. Some have tried to use that is a hinge, to create compliance. I just don't comply, nor need, any one. My guess is, the problem is having too much time, an inflated ego (feeling underserved by reality), and things like that, where people get in trouble.

    I believe I could even find a wife. I am... hrm... just would have to be sure about some things first. Wives, in these times, are too expensive and dangerous. For the religious, celibacy is best. For the secular, prostitutes are the way to go. Then again, I doubt if I am *cough* typical. *grins* And yet, I think my advice is sound. If lonely, work. If interested, find. If dubious... well... trust but verify. I'm at that last, currently. *wink*


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