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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Salon: Mouthpiece of the Racist Left

By Matthew VadumThe racist Left has found a home at the radical commentary website, Salon, which routinely and viciously attacks conservatives and other patriotic Americans for their beliefs while promoting racist causes like the Black Lives Matter movement.

Salon is the voice of the violent mob in the street; at times it makes the small-c communist Nationmagazine seem like a bastion of common sense. Its contributors claim white people, especially conservatives, emerge from the womb hating black people. To reinforce this ugly lie, Salon tries to silence those who threaten the Left and the racial-grievance industry. Salon was so desperate to slime the highly effective conservative investigative journalist James O’Keefe in 2010 that it published a sophomoric error-strewn hit piece by pseudo-journalist Max Blumenthal. Even the left-wing Columbia Journalism Review slapped down Salon and Blumenthal.

Nowadays Salon publishes morally reprehensible full-throated defenses of the increasingly violent Black Lives Matter movement whose supporters now openly endorse murdering cops and waging “war” against America. Salon cheered on the rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., accepting as gospel the idea that blacks like Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin were murdered by racist white people running wild. Black violence is routinely dismissed at Salon because...
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  1. For years I thought Max Blumenthal was just an idiot. Now I can see that he is an idiot racist. A while back he did a hot piece on Toby Keith, saying his song "Beer for my horses" was racist, because it talked about lynching evil doers.

    Now the rest of the world was able to make a distinction between "evil doers" and "random black people because they were black", but poor Max just couldn't fathom the difference. To reinforce his nonexistent argument, he hotlinked to a picture of blacks being lynched back in the '20s. We know it was hotlinked, because shortly thereafter, it was replaced by a picture of a circus clown saying a naughty word. He must have family money. I can't see anyone paying poor incompetent Max Blumenthal to do diddly squat.


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