90 Miles From Tyranny : When Hillary "Wiped" Her eMail Server, Did She Also Remove And Destroy The Hard Drives?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

When Hillary "Wiped" Her eMail Server, Did She Also Remove And Destroy The Hard Drives?

HRC Inspecting The Hardware.
If I was an evil, corrupt, lying, power hungry, secretive piece of... well, If I was Hillary Clinton, and I wanted to make sure no one could ever recover my twisted, corrupt emails, when I told my computer guy to "wipe" the server, I would have also told him to replace the hard drives with new ones.

Forensically, it is possible to obtain some data from the hard drives even after they and been erased, reformatted and a new operating system installed. They only way someone like Hillary Clinton would give potentially politically destructive information away, is well, she wouldn't.

It is important for us to ask the question, are these the original hard drives that were in use during the time period that you were a terrible, useless, ineffective, maleffective Secretary of State, and broke the laws regarding email security?

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  1. The Ozark Mafia has never been very techie.

    PS Caption: Huma! Huma! Huma! Threesome!

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  3. There is nothing to find there. It has been over a year. the purpose of giving them up is so that she can declare, "see! the FBI went through this with a fine toothed comb and found no evidence". It is inoculation for her campaign commercials against her.

    1. Once again, the "experts" will be astounded at how much stuff will come off the hard drives.


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