90 Miles From Tyranny : Hillary Clinton Plans Executive Action to Exceed Obama on Gun Control

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Plans Executive Action to Exceed Obama on Gun Control

Even before Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee on Tuesday, Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was looking toward the general election and planning to use executive action “go further than Obama” on gun control.

In fact, implementing more gun control is “at the top of her to-do list.”

The Washington Post sums up the generalities of this gun control focus by reporting that Clinton wants to “to broaden requirements for background checks and narrow loopholes that allow largely unrestricted trafficking of guns online.”

On January 5 Breitbart News reported Obama’s use of executive gun control to expand background checks to certain sales at gun shows and online, to require taxpayer dollars to be spent on the development of “smart guns,” and to put a gun ban in place for Social Security beneficiaries who cannot handle their own financial affairs.

The WAPO makes clear that Clinton plans to exceed these actions, and she plans to do it by circumventing Congress with executive action.

The gun controls proposed by Clinton to date include extending the instant background checks indefinitely by changing the amount of time the FBI has on extended checks, placing more regulations on sales at gun shows and guns sold online, allowing crime victims to sue gun manufacturers and gun sellers, and expanding...
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