90 Miles From Tyranny : I Wish Hillary Had Married OJ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Wish Hillary Had Married OJ...

Funny, but frankly, there is no energy for electing Hillary, I would prefer to run against her than against Bernie, his people have energy. Trump supporters have energy, former Cruz supporters...not so much... With Trump, we have the energy advantage against Hillary.


  1. Unfortunately, the free-stuff vote is still in the bag for the witch... Obama's legacy; Democrat votes bought with taxpayer dollars...

  2. every scumbag tactic and stupid statement donny boy has ever made will now be repeated endlessly until november,every racist blurb every misogynist zinger against a female will be the continuation of the republican war on women now that the ms media has picked your candidate for you,are not aware of the many documentaries detailing his hiring of illegal aliens,union thug connections,crony back room deals,bankruptcies,abuse of women,donations to democrats and establishment rinos,man i'm just scratching the surface,this stuff has been waiting in the wings by the msm for him to be the nominee,his negatives are the highest ever recorded.we the"not so much energy" constitutional conservatives have known this,with us it's constitution first,first principles,not cult of personality, willful disregarding of facts-because they matter.
    prepare for hitlary

  3. Bleh. Seriously Konall? Can I put you on record as saying, then, that you are voting for her? The only way she will win is if you and your kind vote for her, and add your stupid tricks to help her get in. What Clintons have against them makes anything a playboy billionaire did or said seem minor. And, in truth, what he did was minor. Mostly not getting involved, except for business purposes.

    Yeah, I'm not worried about her. Even with you all, I don't think she has a chance. Still, go piss in a corner if that's all you are worth. If you get in the way you will pay the price. No one likes an already traitorous to America scumbag who then goes the full monty by supporting the worst of their type over a pro-American... the first since Reagan.

    1. my kind, what is my kind?,the ability to think critically and live by my principles.I would never vote for hitlery,but i will vote my conscience,there are still other choices,if donny boy wants my vote he is going to have to reach out to me and"my kind"and tell us what he is going to do to persuade our votes.
      p.s. why would i piss in a corner?i could see if there was a urinal in a corner.
      p.s. constitutional conservative,is that what you mean by "my kind"


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